Provide happy, healthy puppies to loving owners 

Ethical and responsible decisions are made from the moment we

decide to have a litter of puppies.


Both sire and dam have tests to check for genetic problems. 

Our dam is vet checked regularly during her pregnancy

and an ultrasound is given to make sure all was going smoothly.

Her diet is modified and she is given pre-natal vitamins.

When she is ready to give birth, we never leave her side.

Our puppies have a room to themselves,

but I can see and hear them

They have a pet door to an enclosed pen

so they can learn to go in and out by themselves.

Toys are provided for entertainment. 

Weather permitting, they spend time outside.

At four weeks the little ones start on a

high protein puppy food to supplement mama's milk.

Daily socialization is provided by a range of loving folks - ages 4 to 61. 

Each puppy is unique and wonderful

We fall in love with each and every one

Perhaps you will fall in love too...

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